Our aims

Rehabilitation and care for animals in need

This non-profit organisation shelters animals in distress that have escaped death.

Some of them were too old, too sick and no longer exploitable and had therefore been selected for the abattoir, and the owners of others just wanted to get rid of them. They all are now adopted by our association, received a name and are accepted as pets, just like dogs or cats. We do not use the expressions poultry or cattle because to us each living being is an individual needing and receiving particular care.

In the statutes of the ASBL Fabienne, it is stipulated that we try to promote the respect for any sentient being. In this context our animals are well looked after and are in good health, however, without others being sacrificed to feed them.

The project of the arrival of 100 new members

We prepare the arrival of battery-hens, which, exhausted by intensive egg laying, are to be killed by the factory farms after two years of cruel sufferings in tiny cages. When they arrive, one has a broken leg, the other a shortened beak, a third cannot walk any more, and all of them are stressed and very afraid of the darkness, because in the context of factory farming they only knew bright lights and uninterrupted infernal noise. Here you can find photographs of hens upon their arrival.

Motivating to help animals in distress

The organisation also aims at awakening the public, and especially young people, regarding animal misery. In this context visits to our centre of rehabilitation and care for animals are encouraged.

Fight against misleading publicities

The uncovering of misleading publicity on egg cartons, bringing consumers to false assumptions, is also part of our work. Because of our interventions, several firms were already forced to withdraw packaging, which was not in conformity with legislation. To be precise, the law authorizes the picture of a farm surrounded by meadows as encouragement for the consumer to buy factory-farm-eggs, but with the only condition that no hen is represented on it.

A campaign against the production of Prémarin

Yet another scandal that I would like to denounce is the marketing of the drug Prémarin, prescribed by doctors. In order to produce this medication, which is based on horse-urine, the animal is tied up so that it can be probed continuously. The NGO joins other associations with the aim of making doctors aware of this intolerable situation. We ask them to do something about it by prescribing other products which do not imply these sufferings for animals.