Our Story

(Excerpt of the weekly magazine Télé Moustique, March 19, 1995.)
(Documentary  “La main à la patte ” – RTLtvi.)

Marie-Jeanne Frederique is a radiant lady in her sixties who draws serenity and force from the animals surrounding her. Dogs, cats, hens, parrots, goats and a multitude of ducks are members of her family.

To be able to look after her animals properly, Marie-Jeannne has contacted restaurant-owners who decided to help feeding all these animal-friends.

Marie-Jeanne prays to God to survive her animals for she is worried what is going to happen to them in case she should suddenly disappear. “But”, she tells us, “they certainly laugh about me up there because I always adopt new animals. This is perhaps for me a way to require eternal life?”

Marie-Jeanne is vegetarian: a choice which was dictated by her deep respect for any being. She never buys meat, neither for herself nor for her animals.

She is discrete, smiling and absolutely devoted to her animals. ” But I love also people, especially when they have a good heart for animals leading to a true movement of perpetual love “.


In 1959, Fabienne was born. Already as a small girl she was entirely sensitive to the respect of all life. She saved animals and asked me to help her. We lived in the love of creation. When she was 15 years old, Fabienne decided to become vegetarian. I also adopted this new lifestyle.

We had a house and a large garden. Our first investments were made for a solid fence, without which we could not consider any rescue of animals. Thereafter, to avoid the expenses and to feed the animals, we sold all kinds of things which we had recovered and restored.

Fabienne finished her school education and obtained a diploma in biology, within the framework of these studies she obtained the authorization not to kill an animal to be dissected. Her diploma with the title ” Why so many deaths? ” was an indictment against vivisection. She prepared for leaving to the United States where she wanted to study gestural language with apes.

Tragically, the year 1985 was darkened by the accident of Fabienne. It had been agreed between my daughter and myself that the survivor would continue the work and the commitment.

Many animals in need have since found shelter in Galmaarden where they experience a relation of love and true respect. They all have names and are not adoptable any more but in search of a sponsor.

However, this beautiful work has also a worrying side. To look after so many animals is expensive. Food, care, veterinary fees etc. demand large sums. It is for this reason that I founded a non-profit organisation with the goal of collecting money for the most needy, abandoned, maltreated or exploited animals.