The animals

The centre for rehabilitation and care shelters 150 animals permanently, i.e. 150 times an animal that experienced and escaped torture

Other than dogs, cats and rabbits we saved also a four-year-old horse that had been selected for the slaughterhouse because it was “no longer suitable for racing”. The animal lived for 28 years.

Peacocks, pigeons, parakeets, tortoises, geese, dogs and cats make a splendid family-community. There was also a pig, Cocotte, adopted at the age of one month. Cocotte never had to endure the fattening process in confinement like millions of her sisters and brothers have to suffer. When the pig had a choice of bread, cake or sweets, the preferred choice was always the chocolate. Cocotte lived until 13 years of age, surrounded by hens that were saved from factory farming. These hens, born in an incubator, had never known the sun and grass but only imprisonment. At their arrival they were thin, without feathers and with cut beaks – as can be seen on several photographs, which you will discover when visiting our album.

At the great astonishment of geese, three guinea fowls chose to take up residence in the meadow. You are funny birds, the geese must have thought, because after all they had been only accustomed to the arrival of hens and flamboyantly coloured wild cocks.

Very recently a crayfish arrived, that had been discovered walking on the street. One of our members saved it and brought it to the shelter where it was named Sophie.